Autumn Beckons

With Autumn just around the corner, what are your favourite things about this time of the year? 

Is it the crunch of the leaves under foot, or the feel of your much-loved woolly jumper? 

We grasp for the last opportunities to relax or eat outdoors as the evenings start to cool and the nights draw in. Whereas not that long ago we were sat out till ten, eleven or even midnight, but it is now dark at nine.

The garden has long since lost all its glory and only a few remaining flowers are hanging in there, like the asters, rudbeckia and sedum.



Seed heads are forming everywhere with the promise of another glorious display next year.  We will just have to wait.

Other seeds are forming in my head of how I want to adapt the flower beds to get a bigger, better, longer display next year, but just waiting for the last blooms to fade before I start digging and re-arranging.

I’ve been impatiently waiting for this time of year so that I can get on with this task.  The Summer has been very hot again and I’ve certainly lost a couple of shrubs to the blazing sun. Each year we learn, what thrives and what won’t survive.

It’s an annual Autumn challenge delaying the point at which you start to light the fire.  Putting on extra layers, the thick socks and jumper, hoping that it will be at least November, but usually submitting to the warming glow sometime in October.

Having log burners means the temptation to light a fire is often far too great.  It’s that warm honey glow that wraps around you.  Why would you even sit there without it on!

And then before you know it, we are starting to have conversations about Christmas!



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