Countdown to Summer

The countdown to the sunny season has begun!

From picnics in the park to that all-important foreign holiday, summer brings with it a host of al-fresco events that you’ll want to look and feel your best for. Not feeling quite ready? Here’s 10 ways to prepare your mind, body and soul to come out of winter hibernation & look forward to your countdown to spring/summer.

1. A Mantra
The first and only rule for having a ‘beach body’ is to have a body and head to the beach. Let’s make this our mantra. Being beautiful is all about feeling beautiful, and we do not need to stick to unrealistic stereotypes.

2. Begin to Unwind
The days are longer, happier and a little lazier. This laziness can be a good thing and at certain points, in the day we can indulge in it. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take the time to breathe deeply.

3. Keep Up Your Exercise Routine
When it comes to preparing the body for summer, there are two alternatives. One is simply maintaining your year-round exercise routine and the other is to use this routine as your basis and add something new for a bit of added variety.

4. Something New
Good weather makes us feel more inspired, creative and daring. It’s a good idea to track your progress when starting a new activity or challenge, so you are encouraged as you start to reach your goals.

5. Tackle Insecurities
It’s the perfect time to include exercises and activities that can help us feel good about ourselves and a little less self-conscious when the time comes to put on a bathing suit. Focusing on your positives rather than what we consider ‘trouble areas’ .

6. Get the Tan
For some, the best thing about summer is the natural golden glow of skin and hair. But more important than getting our daily dose of sun, is making sure we keep safe, so remember sunbeds and tanning machines are not a healthy option, instead opt for a spray tan, done professionally in a salon or at home.

7. Summer Beauty
Skin and hair get a lot of abuse during the summer months – they have a tendency to dry out and become course from sun exposure and salt water damage. Indulge in your own DIY Spa and have fun creating amazing products from the natural products in your pantry.

8. Summer Diet
During warmer days, our need to stay hydrated naturally increases. Drinking plenty of water is important, so make hydration more delicious with flavoured water that you can create yourself at home. There are plenty of foods with a high water content that can be easily included in our diet, from watermelon to cucumber and fresh and delicious seasonal produce.

9. Make Changes
When seasons change so should we. Mark a day in your diary to create a wardrobe inventory, giving away what is just taking up space and hasn’t been used in the past year; this is a good rule of thumb to decide what should stay and what should go.

10. Live in the Present – and Relive It
Summertime usually means holidays when we spend a little extra time to spend with our loved ones. Don’t just photograph and ‘selfie’ your way through summer this year. Get a box for all your memories and save the amazing moments you’ll want to remember later, like a shell you got at the beach.

countdown to summer


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