Living the Dream

That’s what we all want, isn’t it, to be ‘living the dream’! That’s why we make the leap to sell up, leave family and move to a new country to live the dream, whatever that might mean to each of us.
We were actually asked the other day by another British couple that we met for the first time ‘so are you living the dream’? Both of us paused, didn’t quite know what to say. Yes it’s definitely where we want to be living, but are we actually ‘living the dream’?
I think under ‘normal’ circumstances we would probably have said yes, but after a year of different levels of restrictions, not being able to move about freely, constantly wearing masks in public, opening and closing the B&B like yoyo’s, ‘no it doesn’t feel like we are living the dream’.  Add in the renovation and the never ending hard work, and then the weather this month then its a definite NO! It’s been probably one of the wettest May’s in many years, further restricting our activities, when under normal circumstances we would be enjoying the garden and eating out each night in it.
The potager has been a quagmire, although the flower beds have appeared to physically grow overnight due to the warm and wet. We actually had a warmer and drier March and April, some of the warmest on record.
It has been impossible to put out any tender plants, not because of frost but because I would be drenched and they would be wrecked by the torrential downpours and probably suffer mildew. I have managed to do bits in between showers, particularly in the greenhouse but a lot is waiting for the wet weather to subside so that they can be planted out.
So once we can get back to days out wandering round idyllic towns and villages, having lunch in little bistro’s, visiting the odd brocante or vide-grenier.  Or just pottering in the garden, with the sun on your back, to the sound of the chickens bickering in the background whilst deadheading or growing/tending/picking stuff to eat. Then I don’t think we will quite feel like it just yet.
So I think the answer is not so far. When the restrictions ease further, the weather improves which is forecast imminently and the bulk of the renovations are complete then I think we will be able to confidently say ‘YES we are living the dream’.
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