November is the perfect time of year to hibernate with a bowl of hot creamy soup, a mug of steamy chocolate and a good film, especially now that many of us are locked down once again.

John is a film addict so he’s started to watch Christmas films. It’s only early in November but we must have already watched half a dozen corny Hallmark type Christmas movies. 

It’s not like we can look for a good day out that’s cheap, fun, and enriching as any activity can only be done within 1 km of home and in an hour, then we have to be home!  A nice autumnal walk then? With the last of the leaves on the ground, crisp mornings and bright days it makes for the perfect wrapping up warm and getting out weather.

paintingIt might be the time to get in touch with our creative side and start a new hobby?  Grabbing your camera and taking advantage of the low light, long shadows and misty mornings for some fabulous photos. Or capturing it with pencil or paint?

November isn’t so bad in Ladapeyre. At the moment it’s relatively mild for the time of the year, the rains of autumn have subsided and the sun is back out.  This makes such a change to your mental health, when your lifestyle is restricted, if you can get out in the garden or on a walk with the sun on your face.

French cafeFrance is known for its wonderful cafes and delicious bakeries. As the weather cools, ‘normally’ that doesn’t mean your social life should too. We would regularly venture into a cosy café and indulge in some café culture and people watching.  We can still buy and partake in the freshly baked bread and delicious patisserie delights, just not in the café but in the comfort of our own home, if they last that long on the drive home!!

November is the ideal time to enjoy a spiced cappuccino, a hot chocolate or a pot of hot tea. But where is your favourite café?

So instead we are using the time to get the house sorted. Winter ready. Or just generally finished so we can say the work is complete.

cosy fire side pictureRenovating, getting the garden winter ready or simply stocking the cellar up with wood, now is a great time as any to get all cosy and prepared for Winter. Especially with Christmas literally just around the corner.

What is your favourite thing about November? 

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