Spring has sprung!

I keep getting glimpses of it, tantalising spells of good weather that lulls me and the French garden into a false sense of security……thinking it’s nearly here. Thinking I can start sowing seeds when it’s really a little early yet, unless you have some warm windowsills.
Thinking we can get all those big jobs in the garden completed, when really all we can get done is a few small ones between the frost & showers.
Spring, that’s what’s on its way! The joys and warmth of Spring. The start of a new, fresh year, when days get gradually longer, oh I can’t wait!! 
SpringThe primroses and snowdrops have already started to bloom. The Spring bulb pots I’ve planted for the steps of our French Bed & Breakfast have started to show and flower. My Hellebores are blooming at last this year…so I’ve added a few more! The Chaenomeles (early flowering quince)… have small pink buds bursting into flower.
Then it pours again, and for days, muddying the waters, making it feel like Winter again. I hate these days, trapped in the house, the path through the garden to the chickens a muddy quagmire! Quagmire…what a wonderful word!! The chickens soggy, drowned rats!  I’m itching to get out there and get started.

The last year and in particular the last few months have been tough, there’s no denying that.  Winter, whilst in reality is only a short few months, seemed to drag on for ages. Too wet or cold to venture out.  It’s only the odd days in the Spring sun that reminds you that it won’t be long now till there are more sunny days than wet.

No matter the size or shape of your garden, there are a lot of great benefits from planting posts and tending to flowers.  It’s true that it improves both your physical and mental wellbeing, and is an amazing way to get outdoors in the fresh air, learn new skills and have some fun. In fact this year I am going to be learning how to set up and manage my first bee hive.  Super excited about this.


It’ll all be worth it come summertime when you’re relaxing in your gorgeous garden with a drink in hand. We will enjoy it, the guests will love it and so will our new bees!!

Who can say no to that!



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