Summer has arrived

Summer has definitely arrived and for those of us fortunate enough to have a garden, most of us want to savour our time spent in it.

One of the things in France we really enjoy at this time of the year is being able to have our meals outside. There’s something truly magical about dining outdoors. Whether it’s our morning cuppa in the first bit of early morning sunshine,  croissants on the patio,  tea on the terrace, or a fancy supper on a summers evening watching the sun go down – it’s a blessing when we can make full use of our garden for a sustained period.

Whilst Summer may have arrived, enjoying the use of the garden in France extends well beyond Summer and starts well into early Spring and into late Autumn.  It’s not unknown to have great weather in March, April & May or even October, November.

We have created different spaces, that catch the sun or the shade at different times of the day, and when the sun covers all the garden have created a shaded area with a parasol.

Lights create a lovely ambience at night, extending the use of the garden into the late evening, when the weather is so hot, that the late evening coolness is too delicious to miss.

When it’s very hot, canicule/heatwave weather, early morning and late evening are without doubt the best times of the day. The times when everything in the garden gets watered and the leaves which hung like limp hankies during the heat of the day, now rejuvenate back to life.

Any rain in the UK used to be detested with a vengeance, whereas now we pray for it for the sake of our garden.  Preferably to rain at night of course! But willing to accept it at any time of the day, particularly during a heatwave, so that it might cool things down.

The garden is truly our greatest pleasure, whether it’s sat enjoying it or pottering in it.  Deadheading plants, watering where needed, tying in climbers or just admiring the blooms – Summer has arrived.

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