What better than a getaway?

What better than a getaway?

There isn’t anything better than a getaway. Whether it’s an overnight stay, weekend away or 2 week luxury holiday. Hotel rooms are created with guests’ rest and relaxation at the forefront, from comfortable beds to ambient lighting.

However, when you’re away from home, sometimes getting a good night’s sleep isn’t easy, even if you have all the tools you could possibly need. Check out our top tips on how to get a good night’s sleep when you’re in a hotel – although some of the tips apply generally if you’re at home too!

1. Make the room your own: comfort and familiarity are important for sleep.

2. Leave your phone charging across the room and use the hotel wake up call for an alarm.

3. Keep your typical daily routine, eating and exercising at the same times as normal.

4. Keep your room temperature between 18C – 22C.

5. Pull the curtains back and enjoy natural sunlight as soon as you can after waking.

6. Don’t panic if you wake up, stay calm and you’ll likely fall back to sleep.

7. Avoid the excessive consumption of caffeine-rich drinks or use of sedatives like alcohol.

8. Stop stress from accumulating and stop all work and social media half an hour before bed.

9. Don’t worry about sleep apps or take their information too seriously.

10. Work out what works best for you and stick to it.